Action/Adventure Theatre is a not-for-profit Portland-based performance collective that collaborates and experiments with local artists of varied disciplines and actively engages and cultivates a new audience base. Action/Adventure strives to broaden Portland's supportive artistic network and create work that is inspiring, relevant, and speaks to the universal and the local experience.
Action/Adventure is Tamara Carroll, Sabra Choi, Devon Granmo, Aubrey Jessen, and Miranda King

Cast Profiles

aubrey Aubrey Jessen is a Northwest native, having gone to high school across the river at Vancouver School of Arts and Academics. It was there that she began to fight her long battle against compartmentalization. College was attended at Western Washington University, where she finally found the adequately heady wording for her theories of arts integration and synthesis (which she will discuss at length, if you ask) (no, really). Currently, her passion is researching communication disorders. She enjoys salsa.
Bri Bri Pruett is delighted and proud to be the newest member of Action Adventure Theater Co. Bri has played Betse in Fall of the House since season 2. Bri, a Portland native, earned her B.A. in english and theater at Portland State University. She has been performing improv and writing and performing sketch comedy for the past 5 years in and around Portland. Her past comedy ventures include: Renob Control, XXX Chromosome, and Five Days Shy. She also has performed as a guest with various Portland companies: Brody Theater, Comedy Sportz, and Extra Medium. Her current projects outside of A/A include her long-form improv troupe Dopamine, and mainstage sketch comedy at Curious Comedy. She also writes about comedy for The Comedians magazine. Outside of comedy, Bri has also participated in "legitimate theater," (a phrase which she uses very loosely), performing in A/A's Flash Fiction event, and the Portland 24 hour plays. Bri is looking forward to working with A/A because it is a theater company that brings together artists and elevates local culture with their shows and events. In her personal life Bri enjoys bed & breakfasts, and bed and breakfasts respectively.
devo Devon Granmo is an actor, playwright, musician and founding member of Action/Adventure Theatre. He received his BA in Theatre from Reed College where he wrote a playwriting thesis in the form of an full-length play, Dirty Water. He has been seen in Portland in The Edjumahcation Follies (Toad City), Catastrophic Conversations with Mr. X, Gross Generalitzations (Catastrophic Productions), Going All the Way (Club Posse) and has participated in the last four years of Performance Works Northwest's Annual Richard Foreman Mini-Festival in collaboration with Miranda King. He also plays drums, sax, keyboards and sings in the bands Henry Dark and James and Donna Must Die!
Miranda King is a director, writer, and actor, as well as a founding member of Action/Adventure Theatre. She received her BA in Theater and Literature from Reed College, where favorite projects included adapting and directing the works of Edward Gorey for the stage and playing Mere Ubu in Ubu Roi. She has, along with Devon Granmo, been a proud participant in four Richard Foreman Mini Festivals, which exemplifies her love of adapting the non traditional for the stage. Or, in the case of Fall of the House, the non traditional, but very, very familiar. In her life outside of the theater, she is the booking agent and events coordinator for the local music venue Backspace, and also promotes and manages local bands, including James and Donna Must Die (with whom she is a backup dancer and plays the tambourine). She is ecstatic to be working on Fall of the House this season, and really, really wants to make you laugh.
tamara Tamara is very excited to be launching the first of FotH's three seasons this year! And, after a very busy couple of months, she's very happy that both of her shows (FotH, and Theatre Vertigo's Pterodactyls (which she directed)) are finally open and she can hibernate until the spring. Or, at least, until she gets to start rehearsals for our next season with the mind-blowingly talented and hilarious FotH ensemble. Tamara also enjoys poker, delicious beer, and touring educational children's theatre.